We would like to introduce one of our strengths, high-throughput synthesis technology for bifunctional degrader. We have more than 50 kinds of E3 ligase binders and thousands of linkers, which in combination, provide access to more than 100,000 chemical spaces. The rapid synthesis is possible thanks to our multi-step, high-throughput synthesis technology, which synthesizes 96 compounds in 3-5 step reactions in 2~3 weeks. The usual bifunctional degrader high-throughput synthesis uses compounds linked by a linker and E3 binder, allowing rapid synthesis of about 200~300 samples. But we can also perform multi-step parallel synthesis by sequentially linking E3 ligase binders, linkers, and target binding compounds. This allows us to synthesize any combination of compounds, which enables us to discover hits that cannot be obtained by usual method. Furthermore, it is possible to rapidly discover lead and sometimes even candidate compounds. Please feel free to reach out to us to discover further information!