Integrated Drug Discovery

Offering End-to-End Solutions

Lead Generation / Optimization

Axcelead has all must-have functions for efficient lead generation and optimization in one place, covering medicinal and analytical chemistries as well as in vitro and in vivo biology including DMPK and safety evaluation. Furthermore, Axcelead also uses proprietary in silico systems with AI and high throughput synthesis technology to guide rational drug design and compound delivery. Axcelead has done more than 50 projects with many companies for 5 years and contributed to 7 candidates and 1 IND.

  • Assets
    – Compound Libraries (1.5 M compounds) 
    – Scientific data (except client’s data) inherited from pharma
  • Drug discovery PJ
    – >50 PJs experiences for 5 years
    – Hidden Value Projects (>150 PJs)
  • Design platform
    – Self-developing in-silico systems “A-CODE”  with LBDD, SBDD
    – Cheminformatics and AI
  • Synthesis platform
    – High throughput parallel synthesis
    – Chiral synthesis, flow chemistry, photo chemistry 
    – Route scouting and scale-up synthesis
    – Purification, analysis, structure determination 
    – Peptide synthesis
  • Evaluation platform in one place
    – Screening / Virtual screening
    – Biology 
    – DMPK & Safety

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