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Axcelead accelerates the discovery and development of high-value therapeutic candidates for the preclinical stage leading to human clinical trials. We leverage our proprietary end-to-end platform to enable our biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners to deliver benefits to patients around the world.

Who We Are

Axcelead is your trusted drug discovery and development partner.

We were formed in 2017 as a Takeda spin-out with a singular vision in mind – to support healthcare innovation as the world’s most trusted drug discovery solutions provider. We bring our vision to life by harnessing our expertise and proven track record of success in small molecule, cell therapy and immune-oncology drug discovery to our partners to advance and improve their drug pipelines.

What We Do

Oncology, immunology, neuroscience drug discovery and so much more.

At Axcelead, we are focused on accelerating the discovery and development of high-value drug classes through our end-to-end platform, enabling our biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners to deliver benefit to patients around the world.

Client Outcomes

We are your trusted partner.

At Axcelead, we have an aggressive mission to become the most trusted drug development solutions provider to leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Our wealth of expertise and knowledge stems from our robust client base, with over 100 facilities including pharmaceutical companies, venture companies and academia utilizing its services.

Our current partners in the US consist of cutting-edge companies developing new and proven drug candidates and modalities for oncology, immunology and neuroscience indications.

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