Axcelead DDP has become a certified provider of Single Cell Gene Expression Solution, from 10x Genomics


We’re delighted to announce that Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc. (“Axcelead DDP”) has received official certification from 10x Genomics as a Certified Service Provider (CSP) of single cell gene expression analysis services. The CSP status is awarded to providers who can deliver contract research service concerning single cell gene expression analysis at a quality level that meets or exceeds a certain standard. Axcelead DDP has previously received CSP certification for Visium, a spatial transcriptomics technology, and has now received CSP certification for its single cell gene expression analysis service as well.

In single cell gene expression analysis, we can obtain gene expression profiles at a single cell level from hundreds of thousands of cells. This allows us to unveil the diversity of cell types and explore cell type-specific pathological mechanism and drug responsiveness. It is expected to be used in a variety of drug discovery research processes, including discovery of targets and biomarker molecules, verification of pharmacological effects of drugs, and analysis of toxicity mechanisms.

We have been providing comprehensive contract research services covering from experiments to bioinformatics analysis in single cell gene expression analysis for many customers. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help overcome your drug discovery challenges through our services and drug discovery platforms.

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