Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc. has become a certified provider of spatial transcriptomics technology, Visium, from 10x Genomics


We’re delighted to announce that we have received official certification from 10x Genomics as a Certified Service Provider (CSP) of Visium, a spatial transcriptomics technology. The CSP status is awarded to providers who are able to deliver Visium services at a quality level that meets or exceeds a certain standard.

Spatial transcriptomics enables simultaneous and comprehensive analysis of gene expression and target proteins in tissues and cells, and provides information on the histopathological localization of gene expression. It is expected to be used in a variety of drug discovery research settings, including discovery of targets and biomarker molecules, analysis of the mechanisms of drug efficacy and toxicity, and research on intra-tissue distribution of new modalities.

We began providing Visium-related services in 2020. Since then, we have been the only company in Japan to offer a comprehensive service covering from study design consultation to bioinformatics analysis of data obtained in various studies, and many of our customers has been using our one-stop service so far. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help overcome your drug discovery challenges through our services and drug discovery platforms.