Driving innovative drug discovery through integrated high-throughput screening platform

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High-throughput screening (HTS) is the key methodology to identify hit and lead compouds for drug discovery. The innovative technologies for drugging undruggable targets and IPS cells have been shed new light on small molecule drug discovery. Axcelead has diverse and high-quality compound libraries and provides comprehensive hit/lead finding services including both target and phenotype based drug discovery. Dr. Kawamoto will demonstrate how Axcelead could successfully discover hit/lead compounds with our cutting edge technologies and multidisciplinary strategies. Moreover, you can learn about our capability on drugging undruggable targets such as RNA targeted drug discovery, Protein degraders and phenotypic screening using IPS cells. Axcelead accelerates your innovation.

Speaker Introduction:

Tomohiro Kawamoto, PhD
Senior Director of Discovery Biology, Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.

<Professional Experience>
2017-Present: Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc.
Senior Director, Discovery Biology, Discovery Science
1994-2017: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Limited
2012: Associate Director, Biomolecular Research Laboratories
2008: Associate Director, Discovery Research Laboratories

2015: Ph.D. Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences,
Tsukuba University
1994: M.S. Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University