How to proceed GLP toxicity study without cynomolgus monkeys

Webinar Overview:
Since the end of last year, the price of monkeys has soared, import restrictions have made it difficult to conduct non-clinical safety studies using cynomolgus monkeys (cynos) , and many projects seem to have been canceled or suspended. Knock-in mice/rats may solve the problem of high prices and supply shortages in cynos.

Speaker Introduction:

Hideo Fukui, PhD, DABT, DJSOT

Applied Regulatory Science Senior Director/Senior Consultant
I joined Takeda Pharmaceuticals in 1989 after finishing a MS degree in Nutritional Biochemistry at the Nagoya University Graduate School of Bio agricultural Sciences. In 1994 I completed a PhD in Pharmacology at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In 2000 I was appointed postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Medicine at Columbia University in the U.S. I have professional toxicologist accreditation from the American Board of Toxicology (ABT) in the U.S. and the Japanese Society of Toxicology (JSOT). I worked at Global Takeda as the lead on non-clinical safety assessments, primarily for therapeutic drugs in the gastroenterology domain, where my duties involved addressing a range of toxicity issues, liaising with regulatory authorities, and conducting due diligence on candidate compounds. I also served as President of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology in Kobe in 2021.

Michiyasu Takeyama, PhD

Integrated & Translational Research Director

I joined Takeda Pharmaceuticals in 1991 after finishing a PhD in Engineering at the Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering. I have since worked exclusively on molecular biology research in areas such as transgenic animals and EST (expressed sequence tag) database analysis at the Tsukuba Research Institute, as well as early work on microarray analysis techniques. I was transferred to Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners from Takeda Pharmaceuticals when the company was founded in 2017. I served as Senior Biology Research Supervisor before taking on my current role in April 2020. We are proud of our technical achievements, forged in the demanding environment of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and are keen to contribute to the world of drug discovery.