Rapid Discovery! Accelerate drug discovery from hit id to clinic


Mounting competitive pressure is forcing the biopharma industry to look at new ways to shorten the time scale for all aspects of drug discovery. While advances in computation, structural chemistry, and molecular modeling are facilitating rational design activities, high throughput screening (HTS) has emerged as a key enabler in accelerating drug discovery. This is due to its ability to test and identify a large number of compounds quickly and efficiently.
However, effective integration of compound supply, assay operation, and data management are essential to achieve the necessary productivity. To discuss these considerations and more, Syngene, in association with Axcelead, brings you an interactive virtual webinar on ‘Rapid Discovery’ and how to accelerate drug discovery – hit identification to the clinic.

Speaker Introduction:

Tomohiro Kawamoto, PhD
Senior Director of Discovery Biology, Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.

Tomohiro holds a Ph.D. in Life and Environmental Sciences from Tsukuba University (Japan). He has about three decades of experience in the areas of drug discovery for small molecules. Prior to joining Axcelead, he was the Associate Director of Biomolecular Research Laboratories at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Limited, and had contributed to drug discovery research for more than twenty years on multiple drug targets and phenotypes, including enzymes, GPCRs, and transporters. At Axcelead, Tomohiro leads the Discovery Biology department and has strong track records in Hit Identification, and is trusted by global pharmaceutical companies and venture companies.

Takaharu Hirayama Ph.D.
Senior Director of Chemistry, Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.

Takaharu holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Kyoto Pharmaceutical University (Japan). He has about two decades of experience in the areas of medicinal chemistry for small molecules and peptide drug discovery. Prior to joining Axcelead, Takaharu has worked on many drug discovery projects as a medicinal chemist at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Limited for more than ten years. At Axcelead, he first led the Medicinal Chemistry team and the Computational Chemistry team and has been a senior director of the chemistry department since 2022. He also has extensive experience in Virtual Screening using in silico medicinal chemistry technology and in generating Advanced Hit Compounds utilizing chemists’ perspectives, expertise, and technologies.

Atul Tiwari, Ph.D.
Head of Discovery Biology, Syngene International Ltd.

Atul Tiwari has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and over 21 years of relevant drug-discovery experience, with six IND filings. Atul’s core expertise is in vitro biology across multiple therapy areas. He joined Syngene in 2012 and has led the Assay Biology and Screening groups, with increasing responsibilities and growth over the years. Before joining Syngene, Atul worked at companies like Ranbaxy Research Laboratories, Jubilant Biosys, and Advinus Therapeutics.