Privacy Policy: Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Policy

Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc. (the “Company”), in order to appropriately protect personal information in light of the importance of protecting personal information, complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003, the “Act”) and other laws and regulations, as well as the guidelines of the Personal Information Protection Commission and other guidelines. In addition, the Company complies with this Policy and handle personal information in an appropriate and safe manner.  As for the handling of specified personal information, please see “Basic Policy regarding the Proper Handling of Individual Numbers and Specified Personal Information”.

2. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information
⑴ Acquisition of personal information

The Company acquires personal information within the scope of business conducted by the Company, for clearly defined purposes of use and by appropriate means. When the Company directly acquires personal information stipulated in a contract or other written documents (including electromagnetic records) from each person, the purpose of use shall be clearly stated in advance, and the information shall be acquired by lawful and fair means.

⑵ Use of personal information

The Company will use personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose of use. Personal information will not be used for any purposes other than the stated purpose of use, without the consent of the person in concern.

3.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company will use personal information for the purpose of use listed below. If personal information is acquired for a purpose not listed below, the purpose will be clearly stated each time of acquisition.

⑴Personal information of members of entities or organizations that have business relationship with the Company
  • To solicit, propose and carry out business and transactions
  • To contact, provide and exchange information in relation to our business and services
  • To perform contracts with our business partners
  • To manage access to our facilities
⑵ Personal information of visitors to the Company’s consultation service, website and webinars.
  • To examine, investigate and respond to consultation or enquiries
  • To contact and provide information to manufacturers, sellers, medical professionals, etc.
  • To provide information of the Company’s events, campaigns, webinars, etc.
⑶ Personal information relating to media representatives, securities analysts, investors etc.
  • To collect and provide information for public relations and investor relations purposes
  • To manage access to our facilities
⑷ Personal information of shareholders
  • To fulfil our obligations under the Companies Act and to enable the shareholders to exercise their rights when necessary
  • To implement shareholder policies in the context of the relationship between shareholders and the Company
  • To manage shareholder information in accordance with laws and regulations
⑸ Personal information of applicants for employment
  • To contact the applicant regarding the selection and results of the recruitment process
  • To carry out pre-employment procedures
  • To manage access to our facilities
⑹ Personal information of directors and employees (including retired employees) and their families
  • To ensure the proper implementation of payroll payments, labor management, benefits, health and safety measures and related measures for employees
  • To provide education and training to employees
  • To contact and provide information to labor unions, health insurance associations, affiliates and other related parties
  • To contact retired employees and respond to enquiries
  • To submit notifications and reports relating to social insurance, labor insurance etc. to government offices
  • To contact and provide information in the event of emergency
  • To carry out other procedures and communications necessary in the course of business
4. Provision of Personal Information

The Company will not provide personal data to third parties except in one of the following cases.

  • When the consent of the person in concern has been obtained.
  • Disclosure to subcontractors to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  • When provided pursuant to laws and regulations, or when there are other legitimate reasons.
5. Supervision of Contractors

The Company may outsource the management of personal information to third parties in order to achieve the purpose of use of such personal information. In such cases, the Company will require the appropriate management of personal information by such third party and supervise such third party.

6.Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Data

If the Company receives a request for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal data from the person in concern or from a legally designated representative, the Company will handle such request without delay within a reasonable time in accordance with the law, subject to the prescribed and proper identification procedure.


Enquiries regarding protection of personal information by the Company can be made at the following contact points.[Contact for Protection of Personal Information and Specified Personal Information etc.] Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc.
26-1, Muraoka-Higashi 2-chome Fujisawa, Kanagawa 251-0012
Email: ADDP_Compliance@admin
Phone: 81-80-7014-3730

8.Management of Personal Information

⑴ The Company appoints a person responsible for the management of personal information and strictly manages personal information to prevent the improper use within the Company. The Company also takes appropriate and reasonable security measures against risks such as unauthorized external access or the loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal data.
⑵ The Company will endeavor to keep the personal data in its possession as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

9.Review of this Policy

The Company will review this Policy from time to time and improve it as necessary.
Any changes will be promptly published in a reasonable manner.

Enacted on July 18, 2019
Revised on January 16, 2020
Revised on April 1, 2022
Revised on May 1, 2023

Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc.
President and Representative Director Nobuhiko Yamada